Despite its apparent durability, the zipper on jeans often breaks. The plastic lock is considered less reliable than its metal counterpart, although both are quite vulnerable. However, before throwing away jeans with a broken zipper, you can try to repair it yourself.

How to repair the zipper on jeans with your own hands

The most obvious way out of the situation when the zipper on jeans is broken, is to replace the zipper mechanism with a new one. But the breakdown may occur suddenly. When there is no possibility or time to replace the lock, recommendations for self-mending will come to the rescue.

If the zipper is jammed with fabric or threads

The jamming of the lining or threads is the most common cause of failure of the zipper mechanism. Such an unpleasant thing can happen if the zipper on your jeans was closed in a hurry or jerkily. Release the jammed material can be done by gently pulling the slider then to one side or the other. To fix the fault, it is important to be patient and avoid sudden movements.

Most often, the “victim” of the doggie is the lining. zipping multi-layered things, you should be especially careful and with the movement of the runner up through the links of the zipper with your fingers to correct the fabric.

The slider on the zipper does not move

When the slider on the zipper cannot be moved in any direction, you should first remove it from the zipper and check for foreign objects inside. Foreign matter can be removed with a needle. If nothing unusual was found inside, then the malfunction was due to a lack of lubrication. Candle wax or paraffin will help to solve the problem.

The lock is loose

The clasp on the jeans, which suddenly came apart, is unequivocally subject to replacement. If there is no such a possibility, you can do as follows:

You should slip a rubber band for money into the tongue of the carriage and hook it on the button after the buttoning.

The zipper on the jeans can be temporarily secured with a stapler or a paper clip.

When you have pliers or another similar tool handy, you need to clamp the edges of the slider on both sides. Weakness of the carriage is most often the reason why the zipper keeps coming undone.

The zipper has come apart in the middle

If a zipper on a garment right in the middle unreasonably unzips, which has no obvious malfunction, then one of the popular folk methods will help to prevent the awkward situation. As a temporary life-saving measure, you can try to connect the separating teeth with your hands when zipping. Act in this case, move your fingers slowly along the snake.

Preventive care instructions may help to keep the new lock functioning.

The slider came off

To fix a zipper, if the slider came off, you can use pliers. They should first unbend the wings of the runner, and then, setting it in place, press. It is important not to apply excessive force so as not to break the part. In emergency situations, you can use your own teeth instead of pliers.

The zipper broke

You can repair a fly with a broken runner by replacing the latter with a serviceable one from an unwanted zipper. If you do not have a spare item on hand, you should be creative and use a paper clip, soft metal wire, etc.

In order to find the right size “doggie”, you should pay attention to the back of the runner. On the underside should be stamped a number corresponding to the size of the product. It will only be necessary to find a serviceable element with a similar number and replace the broken one with it.

The runner is torn off and dangling on one side of the lock

It is impossible to return the runner back to its place without a minimum set of tools. You will need scissors, thread and a sewing needle to fix it. The fabric between the teeth at the very bottom of the zipper needs to be cut so that the slider can be pulled out and secured properly. To prevent it from flying out again, you need to use the needle and thread to sew the zipper into the jeans.

The zipper on your jeans constantly unzips

If the zipper constantly comes undone, such as during bending or squatting, a simple construction from improvised means will help avoid the inconvenience. A small metal ring or a twisted piece of soft wire should be attached to the doggie and put on the button in the zipped position. Such a solution to the problem is temporary, but for a while will protect against embarrassing situations.

Often the reason for the sudden opening of the zipper is the excessive stretching of the fabric in the place where the zipper is fastened, when the jeans are small or too narrow.

Teeth fell out of the zipper, how to repair

Teeth in the zipper that have fallen out can be replaced with others of similar size and shape. Find suitable ones at a store that sells sewing accessories, or among the unnecessary things with a similar zipper. Attach the new cogs conveniently with tweezers, pre-pressing them on copper foil. Installed in place of the damaged cogs are secured with stitches of thread in the tone of the fabric. To fix the plastic links is suitable fishing line or nylon thread.

fix broken zipper

Zipper teeth damaged

When you can’t undo a zipper because of damaged prongs, the only salvation is to replace the zipper. For short-term use, you can apply a few stitches to the spot just above the breakage. After that, the carriage will only go down to the tack, but it will retain its function.

Replacing an unrepairable zipper can be done as follows:

  • Rip the bottom of the zipper with a special sewing tool or nail scissors.
  • Pull the side rivets apart and free the edges of the zipper from the stopper.
  • Remove the side parts from the stitching and remove the entire zipper.
  • Use a sewing machine to sew the new construction into place of the old one, using threads to match.

Keep the functionality of the new zipper will help preventive care recommendations.

How to take care of a zipper: tips for prevention

It is easier to prevent breakage than to look for later non-standard solutions to the problem. Proper operation and preventive care of the zipper can significantly increase its service life.

Observe the following recommendations:

Avoid getting sand, dust and other fine particles into the mechanism of the lock, as they get stuck between the teeth and prevent the normal movement of the runner. If grains of sand are already trapped in the slots of the buckle, you can remove them with a brush or toothbrush.

Protect the plastic elements of the lock from melting with an iron. One careless movement is enough to bend the teeth and stop sticking together tightly.

All zippers on clothing should be zipped and turned inside out before washing. This will prevent the zipper from deteriorating and prevent the doggie from catching on the inside of the washing machine drum.

A ruined lock on pants is not a reason to throw away your favorite thing. In most cases, the breakage can be repaired with improvised means or temporarily preserve the functionality of the zipper.