Some stoners really know how to get high. They know all the details about it. If you smoke with one, he’ll probably tell you about the variety, the effects, the benefits, and all sorts of details.

Bleached paper? What an insult! Such paper changes the taste of marijuana quite a bit, and it’s also more harmful. Another important part is a clean bong.

Never offer anyone to smoke from a dirty bong! Bongs are beautiful stoner paraphernalia that need to be kept clean, so let’s take a look at this step-by-step guide on how to clean a bong.

Cleaning a glass bong

All glass products are easier to clean, such is the material itself. It is the least absorbent, so there shouldn’t be any special problems with it, especially if you don’t run it.

Just fill the bong with warm water, add any detergent or baking soda, close all the holes and shake it for a few minutes and then pour all that liquid out. That way all the surface resins will disappear at once and the bong will look much better =) It’s not enough, we want it to look almost as good as new! =) And we do it by adding lukewarm water and any detergent or baking soda, and washing the walls with a mop brush. If it is required, the procedure with changing the water can be repeated.

For those who do not want to use chemicals for washing, you can use, for example, alcohol.

But the first method with a detergent is very effective and accessible, because everyone has cleaning tools, and after cleaning, you can wash the bong with warm water and the chemistry will not leave a trace!

What you need to clean your bong

Before you start cleaning, you will need to gather a couple of tools and materials. You can buy some of these, most items are likely to be found at home.

  1. Coarse salt, you can substitute with rice or baking soda;
  2. Isopropyl alcohol, or more simply, medical alcohol;
  3. Any vinegar;
  4. Cotton balls, cotton swabs, bottle brush or tube brushes (optional, but useful);
  5. Ziplocs;
  6. Gloves.

How to clean a bong

Remove the bowl and grind

First, you need to take the bong apart. Take out the bowl and grind, these parts are usually the grittiest parts.

The next step is to empty the bong, if you haven’t already done so, and rinse it with warm water. Make sure you remove any burnt herbs and then fill it again with warm water.

Put the parts in ziplocs and add cleaning products

After you’ve disassembled the bong and gotten rid of any smoking residue, place the bowl and the slicer in separate ziplocs (if you can separate the parts, sometimes that’s not possible).

The bowl and spline should not look like this, clean the bong!

Once you’ve put the bowl and spline in the ziplocs, toss in some coarse salt, rice, or baking soda. Finally, add the alcohol.

Shake and shake everything well, then leave the elements in this mixture while you clean the rest of the bong.

Cleaning the base of the bong

To clean the base of the bong, pour some coarse salt inside so that it covers the bottom of the base, and add medical alcohol, ideally any alcohol over 90%. You can also use a little vinegar and baking soda or rice.

There are also special products for cleaning bongs, so you can try that if you’re interested. Just add some of the product and some salt. Let the mixture stand inside for a few minutes.

Shake, shake, shake!

After you’ve left the mixture in for a couple of minutes, it’s time to shake the bong so that the mixture reaches the entire surface of the bong. Take a plug, if you have one, and plug the holes in the shaft, carburetor, and grill.

If you don’t have a plug, you can use your hands and fingers to close the holes. It may be a good idea to go outside before you start shaking it all up to avoid further cleanup.

Give it a good shake to clean the bong!

Once all the holes are closed, you need to shake everything well for a few minutes to get the mixture all over the device. Pay particular attention to the dirtiest areas and put more effort into cleaning them.

Now take the ziplocs that you previously placed the bowl and grind in and shake them. If the resin comes off, all is going well!

Rinse with water and repeat (if necessary)

Now you need to rinse the base of the bong as well as the spline and bowl.

You can use tube brushes or cotton swabs to clean stubborn stains and corners.

Clean your bong and its parts with cotton swabs.

Are you happy with the results or do you think your bong should be cleaner? Then repeat the process! Start over as many times as you think is necessary for cleanliness.

How to clean a bong and pipe

Surely every marijuana user has experienced a stifling bout of coughing or a not-so-pleasant aftertaste. This is especially true for those who choose a bong or a pipe as a device for its use. Such unpleasant consequences indicate that it is time to clean your favorite device. In this article, we’ll look at the top ways to clean safely, and help you decide on the method that works best for your device.

Why clean your bong or pipe

How often do you clean your favorite devices? If it is infrequent, we recommend that you start a new healthy habit right now by starting to do it regularly. First, for aesthetic reasons. Agree, it is much more pleasant to use a product from a clean device. Secondly, no one canceled the hygiene. You wash up after you eat, right? Third, your respiratory organs will thank you if you use cannabis from clean devices, because the resin residue can irritate your throat and lungs.

How often do you clean your bong or pipe?

This depends on how often you use marijuana. If you are a regular user, using cannabis every day and sometimes several times a day, then your device needs cleaning once a week. At most once every two weeks. If you do it infrequently, you can clean it less often. Once a month will be enough. Even if you are not a regular user, clean on time. Resin residue doesn’t go anywhere. Over time, they will spoil the flavor qualities of the finished product and bring an unpleasant sensation to the throat.

How to keep your bong clean

When you realize the fact that cleaning a bong that has not been cared for actually takes some time, you may want to reconsider your habits and start cleaning it after each use.

This does not mean that you have to repeat the process described above after every time you use your bong. All you have to do is pour out the water, clean the bowl, a thorough rinse with hot water will do the job.

Clean the bong! There’s nothing worse than a brown bong.

This way, you will save effort and time. Keeping your bong clean is important because you will feel the difference in taste yourself after you try your new cleaned bong.

clean a bong

Bong cleaning products

Anyone who has ever tried a bong knows very well that the more you use it, the faster it will clog up. The walls of the bong get a dark patina and a strong odor that can ruin the whole experience of smoking later. To avoid impurities and the unsightly dirty look of your smoking device, you need to know how to clean your bong.

You can clean bongs using special devices as well as home remedies. Of course, the method and means of cleaning, depend on the type of material from which the bong is made, but still there are a few general rules, and they must be adhered to when cleaning a bong.

Rinse the bong regularly, ideally after every smoke. If you at least rinse it with cold water, the plaque will not be deposited on the walls and there will be no smell. That way you will have to clean it a lot less often. The temperature of water is also important, glass bongs can be washed with hot water, but acrylic ones – only with warm water to avoid deformation.

As for the washing process itself, it consists of several steps. Before you wash a bong you need to dismantle it into its component parts. Then you need to wash the bong with special agents. When you fill the bong with water and detergent, you need to close the holes and shake it vigorously for a few minutes. Then rinse the bong with water and let it dry.

Also, you need to pay special attention not only to the process of cleaning the device, but also to how to wash bongs using improvised and special means. To wash a ceramic or glass bong you can use hot water with soapy substance, such as dishwashing detergent or washing powder. If traces of soot remain, you can use grits, pour them into the bong and shake it gently. Acrylic devices require more gentle handling. As mentioned earlier, the water should not be hot, but warm, and you need to choose the detergent very carefully, it should not be aggressive. A solution of ordinary soap will do.