Sometimes it happens that scratches and scuffs on shoes appear as if from nowhere. It’s a shame, because good leather shoes are expensive, and you do not want to write off your favorite pair because of minor damage. Do not despair, we have good news: you can restore leather boots.

In this article, we will tell you how to restore shoes made of genuine leather, if defects appeared on them.

Fixing minor scuffs

If the shoes have lost their shine and the leather has become dull, ordinary penny remedies will help bring back the original look: glycerin, petroleum jelly, baby cream, castor oil. These products will bring back the old leather shoes shine and smoothness. Choose one of these products, rub it into the surface of the leather and leave until completely absorbed.

Matte leather shoes can be restored with a mixture of turpentine and milk in equal proportions. Sponge the resulting liquid on the surface, leave it to soak in, and then treat the product with a moisturizer.

As a restoring agent for brown shoes, ordinary ground coffee is suitable. Pour a small amount of water over the product to make a thick pulp. Treat the surface with this pulp, gently rubbing the coffee grounds in, and allow to dry. Then remove any coffee residue with a soft lint brush.

How to remove scratches with wax

If your favorite pair of leather shoes have deep scratches on them, wax can help. You can buy special shoe wax or use beeswax. If you have neither, then a regular candle will do.

First, we put the wax in a separate bowl, warm it up slightly. Carefully distribute it on the problem areas of the shoe and wait for it to dry. Then you can polish the surface with a soft cloth or a special brush. After such a procedure, you should paint the treated place with shoe cream of a suitable color.

restore leather boots

How to remove scratches with “liquid leather”

“Liquid leather” is a paint that is used to restore things made of leather at home. You can buy it at a leather goods store or order it online. With the help of such a product you can easily mask scratches on leather shoes.

The main thing is to choose a color that is as close to the color of the shoe as possible. Further, everything is very simple: we apply the liquid skin to the damaged area, distribute it evenly. We leave it for ten minutes, so that the paint dries completely. Then the treated area should be polished and treated with balm or shoe cream.

How to remove scratches on patent leather shoes

Scratches on glossy shoes are more difficult to remove, but still possible. To restore colored shoes, we need colorless nail polish. If the material is black, it is better to take black varnish.

How to use: we carefully apply varnish with a brush to the damaged area. There is a tear, we apply varnish to the torn surface. Apply the torn piece to the damaged area. Put a clean bandage or cloth on top and hold for a few minutes. After such a procedure, the damage will be little noticeable. True, this method has a disadvantage: the protective layer of varnish will have to renew about every two weeks.

Restoring shoes with superglue

If a shallow crack appeared on the leather shoes, you can try to save it with superglue. You need to carefully fill the crack with glue, let it dry. Then cover the unevenness with a matching color paint, treat the surface with leather shoe polish.

Now you know how to restore leather shoes at home. There is nothing difficult in this, especially if the defects are minor. But if serious damage appeared on your favorite shoes and you are afraid to make it worse, then it makes sense to take your shoes to a master.